Zion // April 8-10, 2016

Thursday was the lightest day on rain and we were able to get in a solid day of exploring. Now, the Narrows were closed due to water speed and temperature, and we didn’t quite feel comfortable enough attempting Angels Landing in the rain, thus eliminating the two most popular trails in Zion. But frankly, no matter where you turned your head, you found yourself surrounded by inspirational beauty.

We ended up doing the Emerald Pools trail and the River Walk. The River Walk trail was paved and reminiscent of Disneyland in terms of the crowds and lines. Emerald Pools has three points, lower, middle and upper. The further up you went the thinner the crowds with get. It rained pretty consistently while we did this trail, but it was most definitely worth it.

The passing storms would create every changing and unique scenes as the cloud coverage would linger around before passing. As much as we would have liked to do the longer, more notable hikes, it was still a blast just being outside in nature, walking behind a baby waterfall, and admiring the sheer size and heights of Zion’s features.

Final thoughts, pretty sure we’re going to need to make another trip out to Zion to do the Narrows & Angles Landing, and I’m not even mad about that thought.