Zion // April 8-10, 2016


My wife, Katie, and I love to travel, camp, and be outdoors. I tend to talk about wanting to do things, maybe even go so far as to make a list of places I want to go, but so often those things never make it to reality. Katie on the other hand is way better than at me at actually making the fun things like travel and camping a reality.

A few months ago, Katie booked us a campsite at the Zion Watchman Campground, site D21 to be specific. We then invited our good friends Enrique and Cindy Cantt who also happen to live just across the alley here in Fullerton. (We go pretty far back to church days at Mars Hill, and still hang frequently, Enrique and I were each groomsmen in each other’s wedding) Enrique and I have camped together a good handful of times for each other’s bachelor parties, and with our wives and other couples as well. I tend to refer to him as REI Camp Master Rico.

Location & Weather

Our site had one of the best views I’ve ever camped at. We had an entire field to the base of the Watchman as a our ‘backyard’. A couple of deer even came by on the last morning to eat and what not in our ‘backyard’.

The rain would come in pockets, sometimes a light drizzle, and a few times it dumped on us real good. The first time it dumped we were just about done cooking dinner and had to eat in our tent. REI Camp Master Rico and I eventually got a tarp covering up over the picnic table by anchoring it to trees with paracord and rope.

Fire, Food, & Drink

No camping trip is complete without a campfire, good food, and good drink. There is something incredibly relaxing and rewarding about chopping fire wood down to smaller pieces, and then enjoying the fruits of your labor in a warm fire.

Katie & Cindy both cooked incredibly tasty and healthy meals every day. Homemade chilli, turkey burgers, avocado toast, oatmeal, etc. A lot better than the canned chilli I’m used to making on camping trips.

To wash everything down the girls brought wine, while Rico and I kept it classy with PBR and Bulleit Rye (one of my favorite go to whiskeys). And of course, we made good coffee each morning. Heart coffee beans made via V60 and Aeropress. Just because you are out taking a break from the city and everyday routines doesn’t mean you have to totally give up tasty things.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin a trip, it can make it a more unique experience if properly prepared. It also doesn’t hurt to have a pub you can walk to from your campsite for when the rain comes down harder than you’d like to be out in.