Nashville // February 26 – March 1, 2016

This post is a #TBT since it’s coming a few months after the fact.

My friends Spencer & Rebekah moved out to Nashville a few years ago, and I finally had the opportunity to make it out there to visit them and explore a new city. I went to high school and church with them, and Spencer was the one who first introduced me to Photoshop, photography, and graphic design.

Our wedding videographer, Jamie, had also moved out to Nashville just a couple months prior to our trip. Needless to say we had wonderful hosts and a wealth of local information at our disposal. One bit of information resulted in a brief interaction with the cops…

Jamie took us to this old airport/landing strip turned park. Well I tried one of the doors and found it unlocked so of course went in to take photos. Next thing I know I hear Katie from outside yelling ‘The cops are here!’ Apparently an unlocked door didn’t mean we could just waltz in and the door was armed with a silent alarm. It all ended well though, the police officer seemed more annoyed than anything that he had to come respond to the silent alarm and that was that.

Nashville was a really fun, hip city that was urban and growing while maintaining a small, friendly feel.

We didn’t really do any super tourist-y things, with the exception of the Jack Daniels tour, which was well worth it, especially since it’s free. I guess you could say we did it the ‘hipster/trendy’ way, multiple coffee shop visits, a lot of time in East Nashville, avocado themed restaurants, and bowling alleys in the same space as a coffee shop/bar/restaurant.

It rained our last day there, and we finished up a roll of film in the Nashville City Cemetery while getting wet.
I still need to get that film processed and scanned…

If you find yourself in Nashville I’d definitely recommend the following places to eat and get caffeinated at:

Steadfast Coffee – My favorite coffee dhop we visited, went twice..
Crema Coffee – Fantastic, also went twice
Barista Parlor – Solid

All the coffee shops have gorgeous huge cafes, which was quite different from the smaller spaces out here in CA

Pinewood Social – Good Food, Good Cocktails, and Cool Bowling Alley

Avo – Avocado Vegetarian Restaurant, surprisingly tasty to this meat lover

The Pharmacy – Fantastic Burgers & Beer in the every hip East Nashville, eat outside and it feels like you’re at a friends summer evening BBQ