Malibu Creek State Park // May 20-22, 2016

Spent the weekend camping with our community group (small group) from church (Cross of Christ) up in Malibu. The weather was quite ideal for my first time in this area. It was sunny but never too hot and the rolling hills offered seclusion from busy Los Angeles. The rolling hills though did not seclude all the kids we had in our group running around and doing hilarious kid things!

This was also the first time I’ve camped with kids, except for when I was one of the kids. It definitely caught me off guard the first day, as my normal rhythms and routines of camping are typically much more silent and mellow. Let me clarify though, different by no means equals bad, I had a blast and the kids were fun and entertaining. I now will have better expectations for the next time we camp with children.

As always, I had my camera and snapped a decent amount of photos. Katie made a quick little bouquet of wildflowers and of course I couldn’t help but get them in some pretty light to capture some frames. Some of my favorites were taking quick portraits of each family in front of their tent as the sun was lowering behind the hills in the background.

Photos below if you wish to take a look.