Vik, Iceland // October 3-4, 2016

Leg III was spent in the most southern parts of Iceland, primarily around Vik.
You can read about Leg I and Leg II in the previous blog posts if you wish.

The landscape throughout felt like we were on another planet. This might have been the most diverse part of our trip in terms of landscape. Waterfalls, Black Sand Beaches, Glaciers, and green turf-mini-hill-things. No idea what their called, but they were squishy and green and otherworldly.

Gljúfrabúi was a fun waterfall mostly hidden behind two very large rocks. You can walk in between the rocks, following the stream, to enter a sort of cave and see the falls from right below. There’s also a little climbing path up the rocks to get the top down view. The climb is very slippery and so they have placed some chains on the rocks to aid the climb.

We also hiked to Seljavallalaug, aka the hipster instagram pool, that was shown in this killer American Express commercial. It was another pretty hike, and fun to see one of the oldest pools built in Iceland. On this hike we also checked off another thing we wanted to do while in Iceland – fill up our water bottle in a stream since the water everywhere in Iceland is incredibly clean.

Our last airbnb was this cozy little cottage on the Black Sands Beach. The beach made for some really fun and moody images. It reminded me of this Chris Burkhard video of him shooting surfers in the Arctic.

The last thing we did was head out to the Glacier Lagoon, get on a Duck Boat and get up close and personal with some glaciers.

Bunch of photos below from the final leg of our Iceland trip.