Selfoss, Iceland // October 1-2, 2016

For Leg II of our trip we stayed in the Selfoss area about an hour south east of Reykjavik.
You can read about Leg I and our stay in Reykjavik here if you would like.

This is where we began to do more hiking and outdoorsy things. One of the longer hikes we did was in Reykjadalur which means ‘Smokey Valley’ and it most certainly lived up to it’s name. You hike up this valley, real steep I might add, following a stream of geothermal water. At the end you get nearer to the source and people have divided up the spring with rocks to make small little hot tubs all around 100 degrees fahrenheit.

We also swung by Kerið a volcanic crater lake. And then there was Gjáin.

I’ve never see the show, but apparently Game of Thrones did some filming here.
You put your vehicle into 4WD and drive down this bumpy gravel, rock covered ‘road’ for about 30 minutes, park where this little building is, look over the edge and rub your eyes in disbelief. It feels as if you peered into a secret portal to some fantasy/magical oasis. I kept waiting for a lion to show up and start talking to me.

Bunch of photos from Leg II below.