New Brand and Franchise Model created from UFC Gym. A lot of fun being a part of the branding and art direction for CLASS. The actual location is still under construction at the moment which created the challenge of how to creative photo and video assets to promote and build hype for this new fitness concept without having the location. Ed and I one day on a walk around the office, thought why not film in this blank concrete walled in area and go really conceptual. I opted for a black and white color grade here to really put the viewers attention on the action and content rather than clothing colors, or off white wall colors, etc. I focused almost entirely on video for this shoot, so our other designers grabbed cameras and shot the majority of the stills, but I still managed to snag a few you can see below the videos.

Filmed & Edited by me
Art Direction: Ed Givis and myself
Production and Literally making it all come together and a reality: Nate Chang