I’m a big believer in having personal creative projects that you do just for fun, just for you. So for this year I’m going to focus my personal work on portraits and shooting with strobes. Gotta give credit where credit is due, and where I’ve stolen some ideas and inspiration from.

Chase Jarvis’ book Seattle 100 has a had huge influence on how I edit my black and white photos. And I just love the idea and process he went through to photograph so many people with a simple white seamless backdrop.

Ben Zucker aka @saltysearabbit just makes the most amazing photographs, and the way he nails his color and his black and white just makes me warm and fuzzy. Also makes me want to just quit sometimes, because his work is just that good in my opinion. His NY Times piece was especially inspirational to me, and influential in how I want to shoot my buddy Ted at Legacy Brand Leather later this month.

I got a bunch of lighting gear for Christmas that can be set up just about anywhere. Yesterday I took a few hours to set it all up in my living room and test everything out. Katie, my wife, and Elliot, my son, humored me and let me take their photos for a few minutes…so then I played around with some Baron Fig pencils I really like.